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Curly Hair Unite

Oh curls! What do I love about curly hair? It’s funky, it’s beautiful and curls come in so many wonderful shapes and sizes. You may fall under any of these categories: dry, frizzy, inconsistent, tight, loose, coarse or soft. As much as we love our curls, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with getting a full head of defined yet soft, touchable curls.

No matter what your curl patterns may be, it’s vital to know how to properly care for your mane. Make sure you are keeping up with your regular 8 to 12-week trims. This will ensure that your ends stay fresh and bouncy. With at-home care, shampooing too frequently could potentially create more frizz and dryness. Whatever your shampoo regimen is, conditioning your curls is a MUST.

There are many worthy products available today giving us untold options. Some of my favorites for taming your luscious curly locks are Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Cream, Cityswept and Dry Spun Finish.

Oribe has its share of curl-worthy products. Enhance natural texture with Curl by Definition and lock in moisture with Curl Shaping Mousse. Perfect curls begin with Shampoo and Conditioner for Moisture & Control.

From Kérastase, the new Discipline line is unmatched in smooth-in-motion care where smoothness and manageability are in perfect movement. The testimonials from staff and clients alike are flowing in.

Whether air-drying or diffusing, it is critical to the outcome of your curls that you do not touch it too much with your hands or, heaven forbid, a brush. Disturbing the curl during the delicate drying stage will result in unwanted frizz and lack of curl definition.

To help you achieve success you can count on, here are some quick, easy steps to an amazing head of curls:

1. Make sure the conditioner is thoroughly combed through the hair while in the shower before rinsing.

2. After rinsing, towel dry just enough to remove any excess moisture. You should leave enough moisture in the hair so that your fingers can glide freely through the ends. If your fingers are getting caught in your hair and it is beginning to look fluffy, you have most likely taken too much moisture out and need to re-dampen. An extra step but you’ll be happier with the results.

3. Layer in the products that will give you the desired look.

4. If diffusing, allow the diffuser dryer to do the work. Gently place the hair in the diffuser and move around the hair to dry thoroughly. If you begin to see frizz happening, stop and air-dry the rest.

5. As the hair approaches its final stage of drying, use your fingertips to create the desired volume by massaging in little circular motions at the scalp.

I want you to have a newfound love for your gorgeous unique curls. Embrace them. All curls are beautiful. It is your signature. It is your fingerprint. No two curls are alike. How lucky are we, curlies?

article :: kathryn m | stylist.educator

images :: carrie mateosian

Escentric Molecules


Mystery is a big part of the romance of perfume. But Escentric Molecules has never tried to be mysterious. That is one of the conventions of the fragrance industry they want to resist. Escentric Molecules is a story. People want to know the story. We will tell the story. However, it’s important to note that the story is ever evolving.

It begins with Escentric 01 and Molecule 01 in 2006. Two scents launched simultaneously as homage to a single scent ingredient. As simple as sounds, it has never been done before. And so the Escentric story becomes a revolution. Single “aroma chemicals” are used to startling effect in the first pair of new fragrances. It’s a concept that has the world coveting a supernatural sensation that is irresistible and sensual with an aura that is all together mesmerizing. Containing only an ingredient commonly used in fragrance spanning the entire spectrum from fine perfume to common everyday scents, we are going on a journey of science and math.

Think of it this way: Escentric Molecules – independently playing off-Broadway but storming the world stage. Playing now at Scott Miller.

Introducing Escentric Molecules 01, 02 and 03. Fragrances and body wash. Molecule is the pure, single note fragrance. Escentric takes that single note and riffs on it with additional facets. The Escentric versions are stronger than the Molecule versions.

These are skin scents. Difficult to explain. Best to experience. Skin scents are relatively new on the scene. They are generally non-gender specific [great for men and women], minimal to the point where some would not consider them perfume at all due to their single note base. Consider skin scents a scent effect rather than a full fragrance composition. They’re incredibly sheer and quiet and are not intended to come across as a big statement perfume. More of a subtle suggestion of a scent. They make you smell alluring but not necessarily that you’re wearing scent. Don’t be shy with it as you really cannot over apply. As it warms up on your skin, it will begin to project in a quiet but very interesting way. You may find that everyone around you is sensing it except you. Most are incredibly long lasting. For being so transparent, skin scents really get noticed. Expect compliments from perfect strangers.

Escentric Molecules is the perfect white shirt. Beautiful on everyone, anytime, anywhere.

The devoted cult status of Escentric Molecules has a celebrity following that has resulted in EM being the best selling fragrance at Barney’s, Colette and Harvey Nichols. Now available at Scott Miller.


Love potion no. 01? Discover for yourself.

The Scott Miller Experience

For most of us, when summer finally arrives, there is a sigh of relief. We can now relax, enjoy the sunshine, spend time outdoors, and appreciate the activities associated with summertime fun.

At Scott Miller, our intention is always for you to experience what truly remarkable service is all about. We plan, we strategize, we coach, we collaborate in order to take an honest look at what we are doing that works and how it could be better. We realize that at times we may fall short. Please know that these instances are not from a lack of caring. They quickly become opportunities for further training to improve exponentially.

In a world where we spend more and more time on the computer and smart phones, it’s even more important than ever that when we have the opportunity to touch someone and be face to face, that it should be done in a meaningful and purposeful way. We need to be more conscious and ever vigilant that all our interactions and conversations serve the other person and that we are thoughtful of our delivery, content, and tone. We can never underestimate the impact and power that we all have when it comes to making someone else feel amazing. We encourage you to keep your expectations high, and we invite you to give us feedback, as it truly helps us create a wonderful experience for you always.

With this being said, thank you from all of us for sharing your summer with Scott Miller and allowing us to do what we love every single day.

Please enjoy our summer style magazine.

with love,


This haircare brand solves EVERYTHING

There is nothing Kerastase can’t solve. Short of world peace. Agreed.

Massage. Necessity or Treat?

Loaded with health benefits both big and small, the benefits are seemingly endless. From the direct such as reducing lower back pain, knee joint ache and carpal tunnel as well as the indirect in relieving anxiety and depression, improving well-being and inducing a sense of calm for a better sleep. The fact that massage therapy takes place in a supremely comforting environment in the presence of a compassionate being has profound effects on our emotional state. A research-backed tool, massage therapy has proven its merits in so many ways. 

Just what the doctor ordered.

image :: wiki

How Scott Miller says hello to the first week of summer.

The Road From Miss New York to Miss USA

photo :: carrie mateosian

Meet Candace Kendall. Miss New York USA 2014.

An accomplished model, dancer and philanthropist, the recently crowned Candace believes every day should be utilized to its full potential and strives to make a difference in the life of each person she meets. The impact she can have as a state titleholder can be overwhelming, however, she is grateful to have this opportunity once again. Candace was Miss New York Teen USA in 2006 and has reigned with remarkable poise.

Her passions have led her to numerous charitable organizations to which she gives much of her time and support from animal shelters to cancer to multiple sclerosis to women and children issues. In her quest to continue making a difference, Candace has led a women’s class at her college teaching safety tips and self-defense techniques to help empower women to better defend themselves. A brown belt in Isshin-Ryu karate and a three-time first place division champion title do not hurt either. 

As an international model, her career has taken her to New York, Toronto, Singapore and LA. Woven into her accomplishments are 21 years of dance. From tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and pointe, dancing has instilled a strong work ethic and determination that she attributes her successes in life to. One of her most cherished successes is her BA as a double major in corporate finance and accounting. Candace graduated magna cum laude in addition to being named to the dean’s list every semester and was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society for being in the top ten percent of business students. 

Candace strives to touch the lives of everyone she connects with by inspiring them and giving back as Miss New York and more importantly, as Candace. To many of us who know her as Candace, she graces Scott Miller with her indelible warmth as she meets and greets staff and clients alike at special events and making the everyday an extraordinary event. Our love goes with her as she sets her sights on Miss USA in June.

A special note: Our very own Hannah Lopa also competed in Miss New York with Candace. We are incredibly proud of Hannah as her passion, dedication and talents on and off-stage are wonderful assets to us. You may see her lovely smile around Scott Miller. Please say hello.

Q - As Miss New York, how are you sharing this experience with your family, friends and fans?

I was fortunate to have some of my family and friends at the pageant supporting me. It really meant a lot to me to have the people who have shaped my life to be there to share in all our accomplishments. I have been traveling a lot in my new role. A memorable stop was an event to support the Meriwether Foundation that helps people in Southern Africa with health, education and nutrition. Through the Meriwether Foundation, I was able to attend the Venexiana show for New York Fashion Week. One of the benefits to my role is meeting people in person at the appearances and fundraisers that I attend. It’s incredibly rewarding to have that connection and it’s one of the things I love most about this experience.

Q - You wear many crowns. Not just Miss New York but philanthropist, model, women’s advocate, daughter, friend. Have you felt the need to separate the personal from your work?

I am blessed to have many different roles in life but the nice thing is that I can just be myself for all of them. I do not feel that I have to separate my private life from work. There is a profile that each titleholder fills out before competing for Miss USA that talks about your background, accomplishments and views where the content can be shared with the public. I am happy to share my experiences with others and it is always very heart-warming when someone tells me that my journey has inspired her.

Q - You reigned as Miss New York Teen at a young age. How did you summon the confidence and know-how to project the sense that you are in control and know what you’re doing?

I competed for Miss New York Teen USA when I was fifteen years old and I had no idea what to expect. I was very nervous at first but I really loved the pageant experience. I learned more about myself and gained confidence that helped me win the following year when I competed again. I knew who I was … a caring, hard-working person. I just made sure that the judges were able to get to know me. 

Q - How do you set yourself a discipline or structure to take on this incredible journey?

I have been wanting to go for Miss New York USA but I wanted to wait until I felt ready to prepare and give my all to the goal. In addition to the necessary pageant preparations including interview skills, wardrobe management and personal health commitments, I enjoy my community service activities, working at Scott Miller and assisting my mom at Fairport Karate Academy. These are my daily touchstones as I prepare to go after my dream. It has been an exciting ride and I am thankful for every moment.

Q - Your most fervent wish?

My goal is to serve as a real role model who inspires young women to work hard, to lead, to be confident and comfortable in their own skin. This is more than just a beauty contest, It’s a responsibility to uphold the integrity of the titles and the core values that go along with it. A responsibility I do not take lightly.

The Shelf Life of Makeup

Do you know that makeup has an expiration date? Spring is the perfect time to go through your makeup bag and say ciao to some of it. Let’s start.

How long have you had your mascara? If you don’t remember, it’s time to say goodbye. Mascara, especially if it’s opened, is only good for 90 days. Surprised? Think of your makeup as food. If it has a weird smell, it has gone bad and you need to toss it out. You wouldn’t eat old food. Why use old makeup?

The following is a rough guide to shoot for in your spring cleaning.

Eye Shadow

Cream shadow (if you keep your applicator clean) - 12 months
Powder shadow - 24 months
Tip: If you had an eye infection, you need to throw out all your eye makeup and make sure to wash your eye brushes with an antibacterial soap. Seriously.

Eyeliner: Gel and cream liner - up to 6 months

Tip: To help gel liner dry faster, make sure you always keep the top on and store it upside down. And remember: if the brush is not clean, it can carry bacteria.

Pencil: up to 2 years
Tip: Keep them fresh by sharpening the tip before use.

Lipstick: up to 2 year  (if stored in a dry cool place away from sun light)
Tip: If there is a change to the texture or it has an odor, it has gone bad.

Gloss and Lip Balm: 90 days
Glosses are like mascara. They will collect more bacteria.

Tip: If they have a strong odor … no good!

Foundation and Concealer: 12 months
Tip: Using clean brushes and sponges will help lengthen the life of your cosmetic.

My personal tip to all of you is to always keep your makeup clean and be aware of when you start using the product so you know when it’s time to replace it. Remember, makeup goes on your skin and you want to protect it. I invite you to stop by Scott Miller any time with your makeup bag. We’ll give you a hand with spring cleaning your makeup wardrobe.

silvana gulino :: store manager/makeup artist

From Good to Great

What if Monday feels like Friday? You believe that to do something well is to enjoy it. You find your inspirations for life are merging with inspirations for work. These are telltale signs that you may be doing what you love in a place that loves what you do. 

Thousands of Rochester workers were asked recently what makes for a great workplace. In a partnership to uncover the top workplaces in Rochester, the Democrat & Chronicle and WorkplaceDynamics invited nearly 900 area companies to participate in the inaugural study. 76 companies participated. 12,000 employees surveyed. 45 companies were recognized. 3 companies topped the list in the large, midsize and small categories. We were nominated by our stylist/educator/creative team member, Mya Bonnette, who believed in us enough to take that first step. A step we never anticipated that took Scott Miller to the highest peak.

For nearly thirty years, we have made the commitment to create an environment where people feel like winners. Empowered to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams, to feel loved, valued and respected, and with continued education to serve at a level that exceeds not just clients’ expectations but ours as well. We have created a family. One that has a deep heart, a solid conscience and a nurturing space where we can express our creativity with gratitude for one another as well as each and every client who honor us by walking through our doors. 

A sincere thank you to our incredible staff for making us Rochester’s Best Place to Work. This remarkable acknowledgement is a true testament to the passion that we all share in abundance in pursuit of everyday excellence in all we do and those we touch. More importantly, it speaks to the outstanding companies who continue to inspire us all in a place we call home. The winner is Rochester. Where best places to work shine the brightest.

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds. Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be. // patanjali

My … What Big Eyes You Have

Everyone searches for that perfect eye cream. A lot of my clients will complain about their crow’s feet or maybe the puffiness under their eyes or the dark circles they wake up to each morning. I know I’m one of those people who have fine lines around my eyes. I’m always looking for the best eye cream. I tend to find one and stick to it for awhile. However, I’m always excited about the next best eye cream.

Institut’ DERMed has two eye treatments available. I love both of them and you can use them alone in the morning and at night or try them together. The Enhancing Eye Serum and the Enhancing Eye Cream Complex are my newest loves. 

The serum is amazing. It has a corn silk extract in it which is a rich source of vitamin K to diminish dark circles under the eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can also use the serum around your lip area for fine lines.

The cream complex just debuted a year ago. It contains Matrixyl 3000, one of the most respected and effective ingredients being utilized in anti-aging skin care today. It also works to mimic collagen building peptides creating a healthy, full look to the skin. The cream complex lightens dark circles, tightens eye contour and reduces puffiness under the eyes. You can’t go wrong with one or both of these amazing eye treatments.

:: hillary brotherton : esthetician
:: image : nerysoul

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